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Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The Paruthipattu Law Firm takes great pride in offering a dedicated online presence to promoting and contributing, albeit in a small way, to a healthy debate toward a meaningful Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR).   It is the firm's hope that this space will serve as a collection of thoughts and ideas about CIR.

It is no secret that our current immigration laws need to be reformed in order to meet the nation's immigration needs of the twenty-first century.  There is no question that Immigration is vital to America.   Because of its eloquence and beauty, a portion of President Obama's recent speech at a Naturalization Ceremony is excerpted below:

The lesson of these 236 years is clear – immigration makes America stronger.  Immigration makes us more prosperous. And immigration positions America to lead in the 21st century.  And these young men and women are testaments to that. No other nation in the world welcomes so many new arrivals.  No other nation constantly renews itself, refreshes itself with the hopes, and the drive, and the optimism, and the dynamism of each new generation of immigrants. You are all one of the reasons that America is exceptional. You're one of the reasons why, even after two centuries, America is always young, always looking to the future, always confident that our greatest days are still to come.

However, creating an immigration policy that serves us well appears harder because of the Washington divide.  In June of this year, the United States Senate passed a CIR package.  Though no one would agree that it meets all of our immigration priorities, the hope was that the Senate bill would serve as a starting point of debate in the House.  As we have seen, however, the House did not receive the Senate bill well.  As of this writing, the House continues to remain divided along party lines.  The GOP, which controls the House, and its Leadership must show that it can continue to lead and shape the America's future.

In this space, the Firm hopes to offer its thoughts as well as others, all with the purpose of making meaningful contributions to this historic CIR debate. Click here tolearn more about CIR.