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The Firm Approach

Plan, Execute, Deliver.  The firm's approach with assisting clients with their green cards is simple as it is effective.  This approach is also a hallmark of the firm's success.

A green card (permanent resident status) authorizes a foreign national to live and work in the United States on a permanent basis.  Obtaining a green card through an employer's sponsorship, however, requires comprehensive and careful planning and execution.

Attorney Paruthipattu is experienced in guiding employers that wish to obtain green card applications for its foreign national employees.

From an employer's perspective, a green card application requires multiple processes and thorough record-keeping and documentation, and dealing with federal agencies, namely the U.S Department of Labor and USCIS, and in some cases the Department of State.

The green card process is likewise a daunting challenge (not to mention anxiety causing) for individuals. There are many paths and many hurdles to overcome in the process of obtaining a green card, so strategic planning is essential to ensure success.

On hiring the Paruthipattu Law Firm, clients find it reassuring that attorney Paruthipattu uses his immigration expertise to work smartly and efficiently, all aimed at helping clients obtain their green cards quickly.