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Multinational Executives and Managers

The “EB-1” Multinational Managers and Executives category is most appropriate for employees in the U.S. holding L-1A visa status.  These applicants enjoy two distinct advantages.

First, though an employer’s sponsorship is required, EB1 visa applications do not go through the time consuming PERM process. Second, the EB1 preference category Priority Dates typically stay current or close to being current; thus these applicants are assured of being able to file their green card applications either concurrently or soon after the approval of the Immigrant Visa petition.

The EB1 requirements are similar to the L-1A requirements noted here [insert hyperlink], but is subjected to greater United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) scrutiny because the individual is granted a permanent visa.  Attorney Paruthipattu possesses significant experience and has successfully obtained EB1 approvals for clients in the past.

How Paruthipattu Law Firm Can Help You

Given the heightened scrutiny these EB1 petitions are often subjected to by USCIS, obtaining EB1 petition approvals require extensive documentation of the applicant’s executive or managerial duties while he/she was employed overseas, in addition to evidence about the U.S. position.  Attorney Paruthipattu is highly skilled in analyzing the strength and relevance of the evidence and in presenting the application persuasively, thereby increasing the likelihood of your EB1 approval.  He also approaches the EB1 application strategically so as to preemptively address any USCIS RFE, which greatly reduces the overall processing time.

Please consult with the Paruthipattu Law Firm for further guidance in this regard.