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Your Immigration is important to you. We get it!

Paruthipattu Law Firm is a boutique immigration law firm that exists to serve you. To get you the desired result, Attorney Paruthipattu and his team focus on you. We work hard to get to know you and your legal need, your challenges, and the nuances of your case, all with one goal in mind –to help you get you the immigration assistance you deserve quickly. Contact Attorney Paruthipattu today!

Experienced, Skilled Immigration Counsel

Immigration law is complex. And your case is unique. But choosing an immigration lawyer is an important first step.

Whether you are looking to obtain an H-1B work visa, an L-1/L-2 visa, an EB1, EB2 or EB3 green card, or an EB-5, Investor's Visa, you know that filing an immigration application is not simple. It is not just filling up a form or answering yes or no questions. There is more, a whole lot more to it.

The U.S. immigration laws that govern visa applications are complex. You need an experienced and skilled immigration lawyer, like Attorney Paruthipattu, to assist you. He has helped many others like you, employers and individuals, successfully obtain scores of H-1B visas, Green Cards, Family Visas, and other types of visas. We are here to help!

Big Firm Experience, Small Firm Benefits. Best of Both Worlds!

Attorney Paruthipattu offers clients the best of both worlds. To better serve you, Attorney Paruthipattu combines his many years of experience working with large immigration firms with the benefit of working with a small firm he founded. You should expect your immigration lawyer to be available to answer all your questions, and provide you with personal care and attention. Attorney Paruthipattu and his team offers you that and more.

Attorney Paruthipattu guides his clients from common to complex immigration matters.

Dedicated, High Quality Representation. Flat Fees!

The Paruthipattu Law Firm provides clients with dedicated and high quality representation with affordable fees. On top of that, Paruthipattu Law Firm offers clients his high quality and ethical representation on a flat fee basis on most immigration matters and cases, with some exceptions. We are also upfront about our fees structure, so you know your costs.

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